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Training and recognition system for project teams

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What is a project team


In project management practices and especially in the real projects when creating a product, the project teams are divided into two types. The first type of project teams consist mainly of project management office roles. The second type of project teams are usually all technical contractors and their managers such as quality manager, supply manager, product manager and more.




On a regular basis, within the first two weeks, all employees whose managers deem they need to undergo training related to completing project work skills will receive training for 20 hours. By the end of the training project, all employees whose managers have been prescribed such training are required, as well as employees who work on approved change requests requiring training. For this purpose, training reserves are provided in the project budget.


During the first 8 weeks of the project, mass production experts should be trained, with a training schedule to enable them to fulfill their current duties. In the 9th and 10th week, before starting the batch production, they must train the necessary personnel in the batch production.


Performance review.


The project manager will review the assigned work activities of each team member at the beginning of the project and will communicate any expectations about the work that will be completed. During the project, each member of the team will be evaluated for its effectiveness and for how effectively it fulfills its assigned tasks. Employees will be evaluated first by their directors and then finally by the project manager. At the end of each milestone, the project manager will meet with directors and provide feedback on project implementation to employees. The team leaders and the functional manager will then make an official review of each team member.


At the end of the project, based on the calculations at the end of each milestone, the project manager, together with the team leaders and the functional manager, will review the performance of each employee during the project. Reference: Project manager vs Program manager vs Project sponsor


The project manager will be evaluated at the end of the project by the program director, project director and project sponsor.


Recognition and reward system


If implemented effectively, the recognition and reward system is an effective means of encouraging employees to set up and operate a business for the company.


While working on the project, at the end of each milestone, the first two best-performing teams will receive a voucher to purchase textbooks and books. During the same period, each employee who has made significant progress between two milestones will receive a certificate of progress and enrollment in the training of his or her choice.


Following the successful completion of the project, a seminar will be held to mark the success of each team member. Any team member who has satisfactorily completed all the work packages given on time will receive a thank you certificate from the CEO and a voucher of a specific value for a product, book or training of his or her choice.


The first three evaluation teams from each team will participate in team building within four days, where a project evaluation seminar will be included and the individual contribution of each participant to the project will be noted.


Team leaders, together with the project manager and functional manager, will be able to offer promotions to employees who, while working on the project, have met certain knowledge and requirements, as well as to increase the remuneration of some of the best representatives, as well as those noted. significant progress in their performance, even if they were not among the first.


The project manager will offer recognition and remuneration best to representatives of team leaders and those whose teams have made the most progress during the project.


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