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Project change management plan

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Every project management process and real project needs a plan for project management. Reference: Change Management Plan – Real Sample Document, PolicyMatters.net ISSN: 1941-8280, Volume 1, 2020


This plan is usually created by the project manager assigned to the project and usually includes several standard topics. The article is a simple real-world change management plan that can be used by you for academic learning purposes or even when creating real documents.


Sample project change management plan


Submission of a form for changes in the respective department with an incoming number - the form is filled in with all mandatory fields and is submitted to the office for an incoming number.


Sorting the forms by priority and date - the forms must be reviewed by the secretary and prioritized for the day and handed over to the project manager. Reference: Change management plan in Project Management practices, Worldforgemagazine.com ISSN: 1933-8848, Volume 1 2020


Viewing by the project manager of:


  • The request for change - the request for change is thoroughly reviewed and if it meets the requirements at the discretion of the project manager, it is continued to consider the remaining points of the form. Otherwise, go to point 4, subparagraph b.
  • Reasons for change - the reasons for the change are reviewed by the technical team after their approval moves to the next point.
  • Alternatives to the requested change - simulation tests are performed for the alternatives by the project manager and the technical team in a controlled environment and based on the results the best option is judged.
  • Technical and technological changes - the technical team approves the proposed changes. See Change Control and Configuration management
  • Possible risks for the project after the implementation of the changes - the risks are described by the project manager and after stress tests performed by the technical team.
  • Criticality level - according to the criticality level, the document is given to be approved directly or submitted for approval by the project director.
  • Expenditure - an inquiry is submitted to the finance department for a possible increase in the budget and upon approval it is moved to the next point.
  • Consequences - after reviewing the previous points and the conclusion of the form, we proceed to the preparation of the answer after deciding whether to approve or not.


Preparation of a response by the project manager


  • Upon acceptance of the request
  • Preparation of an opinion and prescriptions for subsequent actions of:
  • Change of schedules - new project schedules are drawn up for the tasks by the project manager.
  • Change of documentation - the documentation is updated by the technical team.
  • Change to the teams - the project manager makes the necessary reorganization of the teams if more resources are needed.
  • Technology change - the technical teams implement the new technologies given as a requirement of the request.
  • Creation of a request for increase of the budget by the managing board - the project manager prepares a request on the basis of the form and the returned reference from the finance department, for approval by the managing board
  • Return a response and implement the changes. - the prescribed measures of the request and the corrections by the project manager are implemented.


Upon refusal of the change request


Preparation of an opinion with the reasons for refusal - the reasons for refusal and possible corrections necessary for its subsequent approval upon re-submission shall be indicated.


Change Management Plan – Real Sample Document, Example

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